Monday, September 30, 2013

Its a long time since I have posted anything!

I'm writing this from the end of September 2013!

September 2013, I was going back to BG on the 5th, made a late decision to not go in the new van i bought to replace the one the Hungarian fuel killed, I decided to go in the car....
Problem....engine is in the factory, so I started work, new engine half into the car....engine slipped! , I caught engine and all seemed fine, the crack from my arm as it hit the gearbox didnt seem that bad so I kept going for a few minutes, then the pain set in....arm is fractured in 3 places!

So no fixing car, no driving to BG as its too far to go with a broken arm, next trip put off till November.

June to July 2013

I travelled over in a van this time, I needed to take some things over and bring some products back from the factory, no real problems this time, but as soon as I put Hungarian fuel in the van it never ran correctly again, it still worked but not well! , It did well enough though it got me to BG all over BG and back again

At least the Danube bridge 2 was finished, saved waiting for the boat, customs took a few minutes and we were through, much faster drive now due to the new motorway being open, just the bit near Vidin to Sofia thats slow now,  This trip we stopped in Germany ,Hungary, and in Bulgaria on the motorway, much better to do more stops on the way.

Ive found out why we don't have many slugs or snails, but lots of snail shells, these beetles eat snails, they are quite rare and quite large about 1.5 to 2 inch long! , its a Blue runner beetle ( Procerus Scabrosus )  its rare and a protected species

We also have a couple of these on the house, swallows nests, not so many insects around this year so maybe a good thing!

Quite hot again this month, measured with my new buy today.... a 1 Lev thermometer

Cherry plums from the garden, trees and trees of them

Cherries from the massive tree, takes a 5m ladder to get to the lowest branches

Figs from the tree

Its quite a large fig tree about 12 foot or more tall, growing against a wall, i have seen no real damage from the sub zero winters here , the trunk at the bottom is over 6 inch across. a few dead branches here and there ,but only small ones.

June to July 2013 I Spent about a month in BG renting the house in Yulievo, Painted one of the downstairs rooms in the house in Vetren, smashed some of the concrete kitchen sink out...I need a pickaxe....massive hammer for 30 lev from praktis,
I did some work on the garden,strimmed it all again, dug some roots of the elder out after 3 weeks of waiting from applying some super strength new formula roundup proactive, I also planted some plants in the garden , a few mint plants, a pomegranate tree, some raspberries, a red currant, some rhubarb

Upstairs is now finished, needs some work on the front door, but its functional....I need to keep the old door, Its a traditional feature of the house no chance UPVC one is to be fitted, the roof is fine,the rendering still needs work on the front and one end wall but is waterproof so fine for now

Working on the garden I removed some more clematis vitalba, a great lump of it on what I thought was a fence, turns out I now have another gate!, right by the old mini market at the bottom of my garden, there is even a concrete driveway across the mini market and right out under the rest of the clematis it goes to the road, a concrete drive! something I didnt think I would see

I have hundreds of plants in pots to bring here from the UK to plant, the ones I brought this trip I kept them in pots a couple of weeks to get them used to the heat, in and out of the sun, the raspberries all shrivelled but then shoots came from the pots and the new shoots were fine in direct sun and 40C, Rhubarb plants were the same they old stalks never recovered but new stalks were fine , mint just loved the sun straight away, after a couple of weeks in pots I planted them in the garden.

Raspberry plants from Aldi , grown in pots since February

Mint plants, apple mint, spearmint and black peppermint

Rhubarb plants, I planted 3 of these

Mint in the garden, I hope it will fill this area

New pomegranate tree and red currant bush

Early 2013, I managed to get back to Bulgaria a few times for a week or two every month for work in Vidin, but no time to get to do anything else, holiday planned for June.

Christmas 2012 , I got back from the UK to Vidin for a week or so , took a day out to drive to Vetren to check it was still there, snow was not that bad, just a couple of inches in a few places round trees, not that cold either! , not like back in January!

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