Saturday, February 15, 2014

Not long now!

Well....its been another long gap between posts!

It has taken some time, but my broken arm seems fine now....only 5 months to get better ( note to self get it in plaster next time and it might heal quicker ) even though its still hurts a bit here and there....its fine now

Its given me much more time to sort things out

Late last month I did a test run to Germany, I had to attend a trade fair at Nurnburg, the Spielwarenmesse to display my glue there, after driving that far my arm was sore...but bearable , the snow was ok, 10 day there and most days no snow fell, I was going to go on to Bulgaria after the fair but looking at the weather in Austria, Romania etc I decided it looked a bit cold for now so returned to the UK.

The ferry is booked for early next month for the move over to Bulgaria , after another 3 smaller trade shows, it feels a bit strange that my UK company is staying here without the UK and I am moving to the newer one in Bulgaria...I will be making visits to the UK instead of visiting Bulgaria, the idea is work should become more interesting again.....

Not long now till the move and I cant wait!

Weather in the UK.......its just so bad!, the whole place is flooding, last week our factory in Runcorn flooded about one quarter due to the drains belching water out,

Nobody seems to realise the whole country has had it, the amount of water has destroyed the crops this year, food prices obviously will rise....a loaf of brand name bread in the shops is about £1.50 already, what will it be after price rises...that's if there is any bread!

Bread in Bulgaria, I get it almost anywhere and its great, easier than making it, but I do like making it as its different, even at a supermarket like  Kaufland at about 0.50 Lev , that's around £0.20 , and it tastes better than the nasty plastic rubbish in the UK

I just cant wait to get back there, about a month to go!

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