Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bulgarian Wildlife 1, insects etc....

One thing that I noticed as soon as I was in Bulgaria the first time, was the large number of insects.

I have had no problem with flies landing on my food,  eating outside or inside, it doesn`t seem to be a problem, obviously if i leave a light on inside, door open in the dark the house is then full of flies...there are flies, its just that they are not as bad as people said when eating.

The insects running around the place , there are hundreds of them , not that they have been a problem, but there are many more than I ever see in the UK, and far more interesting.

Striped shield bug, when these turn up they seem to come in the hundred or more, strange that I have only seen them on elder and not seen any damage from them.

House centipede, one of these will turn up every now and then, they really move quick run accross the room at you....I am told they can bite!
Some sort of beetle!, havent seen them moving very often when I have they have been bumping into things!, I often find dead ones on outside of window ledges.
Some more shiny beetles!, this time green.... , these like all other things seem to live on the elder plants, on a sunny day every elder plant has at least one and most plants have 3 or more

We seem to have a few of these every day wandering round the floor, all I know is its a caterpillar of some type!
Ants in Bulgaria seem much more active and much larger, I have seen them ofen dragging dead wasps about, we have a few ant hills in the garden, this one has just been strimmed.

Butterflies, yellow ones, blue ones, green ones, white ones, lots of them , lots and lots of them

Crickets, quite noisy all around but not so much in our garden..I presume something is eating them here

Snakes.....This snake seems to live in the trees, small trees and bushes like the grape vines and fig tree. 
Often there will be birds nests with baby birds ,next day nests are on the floor and the snake is round in the trees in the same area.


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