Saturday, February 15, 2014


I have given up buying any of the shop rubbish ready made food in the UK ,But occasionally I get tempted......Yesterday I bought some Asda doughnuts......UUUUGGGGGHHHH! , nasty! , full of grease, a thumb hole in one, all squashed, no sugar on them, slimy, cold......just nasty!

Kaufland......If I get tempted they do a great doughnut, so do Lidl.......and they cost less , really nice doughnuts

I am terrible with doughnuts.....Yambol Lidl do a better one than the StaraZagora one..... time I drove from by StaraZagora to Yambol for search for doughnuts....before I found Kaufland ones....Kazanlak Kaufland do a really nice doughnut.....

Why cant I buy a doughnut in the UK, the UK ones are disgusting

I usually make them , using a recipe I found on the net , just flour , sugar, fat , milk and baking powder....I add cinnamon, I add jam as well , they only take a few minutes to make

Why can I make them in 5 minutes yet nobody in the UK food called professional food suppliers.... they cant make them????

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