Saturday, February 15, 2014

Growing things

I am an obsessive gardener!, for years, but for about 5 years I have been planting things in pots instead of the ground in the garden, so I can move them with me when I move
I was planning to be in Bulgaria for the winter, so everything could be done easily and planting would be at the right time.... but as I am still here , Stuck in the UK, I decided to get the seeds growing , some are already planted, some to be planted, all to travel to BG with me, along with some of my fruit trees I have in pots.

In the living room of the UK house, I have metal halide grow lights.....for the citrus trees, so light isn't a problem!

I was given around 1000 plant pots last month, 15L nearly new ones, made for hydroponics

Someone had been evicted on our industrial estate..... they made the news with the hydroponic grow room they had setup......the landlords needed to get shut of the plant pots, it was cheaper to give them to me than to use a skip, the cost to buy them 3 months ago was £1.75 each! and I got them for free!

I have seed trays everywhere in the living room.....

So far I have 40 seed module trays, 20 or so plant pots, 100 or so potatoes chitting....
Plants everywhere!....Soil everywhere!

A trip to the garden centre has just provided some more really big nice rhubarb crowns, onion sets, and strawberry plants, all now to be planted in modules.

Its all getting a bit silly, I am taking more plants with me than anything else......apart from machines!

Its going to look strange at customs.....I always do though!,  a van of machines....incuding lathes a laser cutter.....1000 plant pots and a load of trees including about 100 mini citrus trees and a few giant citrus trees... and loads of veg plants in seed trays!

Its going to be a bit packed in the first ( of many ) van loads

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