Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Checking on the fig tree air layer rooting

Today I remembered about the air layering on the fig trees back at the end of July...I thought they must have dried out and died in the last month or more at 30 degrees C , with no more water......since I first attached the cups....

Anyway, on one of them, I took the cling film off....... It seems fine! , I will add a larger pot and a support for it, and leave it attached for now, but roots are growing fine and it all looks healthy enough, just the one I have unwrapped was a small plastic cup , far too small! , the branch is about 25mm wide

The roots are climbing out of it at the edges, I always find it strange that roots know were to go, most of the roots are growing upwards top of the cup towards the bottom of it....the branch is pointing downwards so upwards is the right way to go!, the small end of the pot has roots coming out up the branch as well

All the branches I have done this on are full of figs, and are mini trees on there own, between 1 and 2 meters high, I left the fruit on every branch and all seems well.