Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas in the UK....Floods in Bulgaria!

Last week we were under water....almost! , I popped over for a few was going to be longer!

A few days after this news report a road 50 meters from my house was washed away....water approaching....., the factories and houses seem ok but things are very wet still, we are ok but I tried to drive through Stara Zagora via a village near us  Yagoda and it was impossible due to water the local river ( i think ) Tundza had flooded, the car only has 3 inch ground clearance and the water was far more than that...more like 3 foot, we returned to my other house in Vidin as we could not get into the usual house from any direction as most roads were blocked

So again, back in the UK for a couple of weeks over Christmas, next trip near the end of January probably in a 7.5 ton box van with trailer

It is a good excuse to sort things out here a bit more, time to get things ready to go in the lorry before its nearly time to drive

I have just had a few more trees delivered for my `orangery` in Bulgaria  ( when its built...., I think it will be a diy geodesic dome? but not sure! ), a Variegated pink lemon, a Kaffir lime, Ponderossa lemon , an Australian finger lime and another large size lemon tree, all quite healthy , the only ponderossa lemon I could get is just a small rooted cutting that lost its leaves in transit due to the cold, small buds are growing now its under my grow lights with the rabbits....I have grafted some small bits of each of the mini trees onto the new 6 foot lemon tree

The strange background of the pictures is the rabbits enclosure...half of the living room.....I used it to take photos of the plants, they used to have a rabbit hutch but they didn't fit in for long...after a few weeks the doors were taken off and now its somewhere to hide in and they live bouncing round the room.....

Panache fig tree
Kaffir lime
Ponderossa lemon with no leaves due to cold in shipping

Variegated Pink Eureka Lemon
Limon lemons!
Limon rosso top of tree, loads of flowers ready to open

Australian finger lime
 The rabbits I rescued are growing rapidly....., in bursts....taking turns being the biggest, When lying down the brown and white one is now nose to tail is about 60 cm long....... they now have half the living room of the house in Liverpool, doesn't look like a house anymore....more of a stable, 3 inch of straw, rabbit bowls and toys over most of it.
When one first did the strange bunny flop ( as its called! )  I thought it was dead!.....Honestly! , they will be standing there eating food and......Bang!....they are flat on there side feet sticking out looking like they have had died.....Apparently its normal

Bunny flop.....not dead!....unless you have had rabbits you wouldn't understand!
Demon rabbit...
Rabbit tunnels

Sulking...... waiting for shredded wheat.....

Time to go to bed, in the middle of the floor

Who would think a rabbit plays with a tennis ball...