Sunday, July 12, 2015

Home cooked crisps....from blue potatoes, blue crisps!

Blue potato crisps

Frankie the dog I rescued....he likes potatoes....digging them up that is! , he brings them to us one every now and then!
On the hunt....for potatoes
The potato hound.....( it wasnt me! )

So today I had 2 potatoes delivered by Frankie...... a Sarpo Mira blight resistant potato, about 3 months before it should be eaten...and a Salad Blue potato, again about 2 months early,

Both quite large for the age...but not big enough to do anything with.


Blue and white potato crisps

Very blue / purple potatoes, retain colour after cooking

Quick wash (to remove the dog spit.....) and then I cut them into thin slices with potato peeler.....

Into hot fat in the frying pan, I used sunflower oil in a ceramic frying pan

Watch for the edges getting brown....when 1/3 of the crisps are brown, take out and let drain on kitchen roll

Sprinkle with seasoning if needed, I used paprika and salt, anything will work.....smoked paprika would probably taste like smoky bacon....

Much better than shop crisps!

Just have to work out how to get Marmite flavour crisps now........

.........Maybe I can do this by soaking them in diluted Marmite before cooking!

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