Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer 2015.......what happened to spring!, Woooooah that was a long gap in posts!

Wow....time flies! , it was December 2014.....and now its July 2015......

Packing the van....
Quick version.....( longer version will be filled in over a few days at the bottom of this post! )

I returned here near the end of February , snow, ice, cold.........but nothing major, cold but no problems travelling in any way.

Driving over it was cold.....drove through the Dunkirk, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, E74....over Vidin Bridge into Bulgaria, took 3 days due to stopping in hotels to get warm!

When we arrived we had been broken into, not much taken.....strimmer, chainsaw, Petchka, gas cooker, gas bottles and regulators etc, the window to room with citrus trees in was open and 50% had frozen to death covered with thick ice

We gradually tidied up, fitted some heating, fixed the doors and the upstairs window

Power from the solar was very low, obviously due to low sun hours, it was fine while the sun was out, I added another couple of solar panels to give more amps and then all was fine.

Quick work on the downstairs, surrounded by ice....-18C outside, heater on inside running from generator and I tiled the floors downstairs, never having done it before it took a little practiced to get them straight....but now they are straighter than the ones I took up fitted by a builder.....

I tiled the downstairs rooms and painted them as well, Gas cooker fitted, running from bottled gas after changing the jets to the ones supplied in the bag with the manual , all fine again, still have bathroom to tile and paint.....but it all works.....

Outside it was alternating between very cold in the night -15C to -35C and quite warm 15C to 20C some days, most days about 10C in the day, snowdrops out, bluebells growing, daffodils growing....even some tulips starting to grow, broccoli was growing great

Sprouting broccoli

I rotorvated the garden , dug out the weed roots, and started planting all the bare root fruit bushes, raspberries etc, pruning fruit trees, and vines, spraying the vines and trees, removing any old fruit still on the trees.

I planted many of the plants I brought with me.....50 new assorted raspberry canes, 3 gooseberry bushes, 3 Black current bushes, a Williams pear tree, a Peasgood Nonsuch apple tree

Trips to Baumax ( Homemax) and Praktis got me 3 peach trees, 3 apricot trees, 12 rose bushes, 2 rose standards

All planted by mid March

By Late March early April it was quite hot

So I bought 20 tomato plants and 4 cucumber plants from the Kazanlak market, the tomatoes were fine, but the cucumbers died within days ( in the house ) from mosaic virus

Petrol power back pack sprayer



Purple sprouting broccoli

Peach tree in flower

Rhubarb starting to grow again

Seed potatoes
More seed potatoes, dahlias, gladioli etc

I planted 750 seed potatoes, including Charlotte, Swift, Pentland Javelin, Pink Fir Apple, Anya, Salad Blue, Desere, Shetland Black, Highland Burgundy, Sarpo Axona, Sarpo Mira, KIng Edward, Maris Piper.....and many more....4 varieties of blue ones but cant remember them all I think 20 to 30 varieties, plus supermarket ones such as Bluebell
More things to plant
Roses, grape vines and more from Praktis this time

By this point I decided to remove the frame I fitted to use as a poly tunnel....and build a geodesic had to be a strange one with very few sides, only that way it was high enough for the citrus trees, it is about 4.5 meters high and 5.5 meters wide
Dome frame going up

Starting to cover the dome
I was just finishing the dome, deciding it was too hot, I needed to work on the water supply, quick think while drilling my finger while drilling the dome......

I needed some bits from Stara Zagora for the water , tanks, pumps, tubes get well water into the house from a tap.....

So.....out of the dome, elastoplast stop the blood.... 

lock the house....

Out of the gate and...........

Oh....What the that!I had found a dog!......I thought it was a dog.....I thought it was smelt dead.....looked dead.....curled up on the step behind the gate, not moving at all, i poked it with a long stick to see if it would move at all, no movement, opened an eye and fell off the step into the garden, and tried to get up, shaking......

and then it stood up and was alive again....just about!

No idea what to do about this......not an injury this was a zombie dog....looked like he should have been dead....with injuries like this!

After a couple of trips to the vets with help from Rachel who lives locally and runs an animal rescue so knew hot to find the vet.....

Back from the vets to 3 weeks cage stop his head falling off....

He started to heal a bit.....

Back in March ,Very under weight, hole in wind pipe, no skin joining head to body.... 
Was open underneath until the end of May
Starting to hold together, stitched half round, no stitches worked ever underneath

It took time, lots of time but it did heal up!

Late May 2015

Today he looks like this!, Early July 2015

Frankie July 2015

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